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[break]Lion-SunDo you get the feeling that you are often only able to REACT, with no time or resources to ACT?

You have undoubtedly noticed how easy and natural it appears for some leaders to lead.
They seem to be able to glide effortlessly into different leadership roles.
How charismatic they are, confident, with that air of authenticity about them that inspires others to follow them!

Do you too wish to lead with balance, poise and energy, acting fearlessly, cool headed and with an incredible surplus of power that inspires others to follow?

We can help.

SUNinU guides and teaches you how to be PROACTIVE instead of REACTIVE.
You will quickly learn how to stop REACTING to situations from your reptile and mammal brain, and instead use your powerful human mind to consciously release your true inner power to become the leader you are meant to be.


[break]Learn the secrets of Power Thinking, so you can become what you think and achieve what your mind can conceive.

Imagine what it would be like to be able to consciously decide, at will, to be able to release the enormous, almost unlimited inner power.

The power of your own inner Lion is a rock-solid power from a special place that enables you to become exactly who you want to be:

  • Powerful yet understanding
  • Decisive yet balanced
  • Empathic yet challenging
  • Centred, rock-solid, authentic, charismatic power.

Who of us would not want that?

At SUNinU we enlighten and instruct, guide and mentor you in your own special process of discovering how simple it is to develop a clear, focused, powerful way of being.

iYou will reach a state of mind & body that feels so naturally yours, that you may wonder how you had not discovered it before…
iiYou’ll learn how to consciously call forth your inner power and release your inner powerful state at will.


[break]Stuck in a rut, employees can lose interest in what they are doing.
However, it is always possible to learn something.
When you harness the process of learning while working – it turns stagnation into imagination.

Strengthening Your BusinessIt is an innate human need to create, or to be a part of the process of creation.

All organizations either create or transform, even the purely administrative departments.

Negativity, dissatisfaction and absenteeism abound in many enterprises, where there’s a lack of innovative creation and neither a sense of learning nor of exploration.

A small change can turn the whole atmosphere of the Enterprise to one where it is a delight to be there, whether as an employee or a customer.

At SUNinU we know how to help you quickly create the necessary changes, so that it transforms the negative energy – or REACTION – into the limitless, self-sustaining energy of ACTION and CREATION.

Transforming something into something else is divine…

…it is CREATION”



[break]Have you ever worked in (or been part of) an organization where the spirit of teamwork and collaboration drives the enterprise forward?

Unfortunately, in most businesses conflict abounds; the vital team spirit and collaboration, that may have initially been present, has somehow been replaced with conflict and negative energies.

Team Work Makes Your Dream Work - Transform Conflict Into Collaboration.We at SUNinU understand the deep complex psychological processes of conflict and collaboration.

Having, personally worked in high pressured blue chip enterprises, we also know that this theory alone is of little use to busy organisations.

Therefore, at SUNinU, we have developed a system that will quickly and powerfully transform conflict and irrational REACTION to collaborative energy and powerful CREATION.

Contact us today to Transform Conflict into Collaboration.
Learn to Harness the energy of emotional REACTION to create a powerful force of CREATION in your organisation.



[break]Stress in The WorkplaceStress is a common syndrome. Merely thinking of the word ‘STRESS’ already brings up the feelings of stress.

At SUNinU we focus on equipping your organisation with the understanding, tools and techniques to prevent and eliminate negative stress.

It is our goal to help organisations and individuals create a better understanding of stress in order to promote:

  • Increased effectivity
  • Reduced days lost to stress related absenteeism
  • A healthier, happier working environment
  • A motivated, healthy workforce that maintain a healthy balance between work and private lives.

SUNinU also provide training courses to integrate stress elimination programs into you organization, thus ensuring that all your staff including any new appointees in the future will receive the fantastic benefits of the SUNinU approach.